Everything we do at justfreshroasted.com.au is focused upon 4 core objectives:-

  • Quality,
  • Freshness,
  • Speed, and
  • Value.

All four of these virtues need to perform at their absolute peak levels with supreme consistency.

If any functional area slips, even by just a fraction, then we know almost immediately that our customers may become disappointed and potentially unlikely to return or recommend us.

That's really important - in fact, it's the key to running an online retail business - it's critical that our customers remain delighted - in online retail you never get a second chance.

Over 15 years we have learned much about the expectations of our customers.

Take for example when you place an order for coffee. It's generally going to be a case that you are close to or about to run out soon.

Like any essential ritualistic need, running out of coffee is a dire situation - so don't worry, we understand the importance of having a supply of fresh roasted coffee available.

You want us to ship it straight away and we know that waiting on freight companies to deliver a parcel is frustrating - getting the fresh roasted coffee on the way is our entire and extreme focus all throughout the day.

Our business is competing with traditional retailers in that a physical store, or shop, provides you with the ultimate level of convenience - buy now and take it with you immediately.

The only advantages we have is in quality, price and more importantly the extreme freshness over the stale products being offered in traditional bricks and mortar retailing.

For our online business to be superior against the retail shops, we have to offer a fresher product, a higher quality product and a competitive price delivered to your door. All this needs to be undertaken in a fast time frame else we lose the opportunity to delight our customers.

In shipping more than 675,000 parcels over the last 15 years all around Australia, we managed to achieve more than 99.97% of those orders dispatched the same day (business days) when the order was received by 2pm.

With the introduction of different shipping providers and the rise in freight volumes during the pandemic, our original 4pm cutoff time has been shifted to 2pm as parcel collections from our facility are no longer at the same, predictable time each day - it can happen any time between 2pm and 5pm.

Generally, it's closer to 3pm as this helps the freight companies process the volumes so that parcels can meet the deadline for interstate line haul departures in the evenings.

If our collection is still pending and your order comes in after 2pm, we will always do our best to rush it through and try to have it packed and ready for collection.

Some of the best online retailers in the world will never be able to process customer orders in under 5 minutes - we are very proud to announce we can when the fresh roasted coffee is available.

Out of Stock

In the rare case we don't have enough roasted coffee to cover an order, any out of stock coffee will be automatically scheduled for roasting in the evening or the morning of the next dispatch day.

Since the lifting of lock down restrictions in October 2021, we have been able to achieve 100% order fulfillment.

How we send your parcels

All customer orders are packed in brand new cartons.

We don't use satchels because cargo gets beaten badly in transit by rough handlers.

Our primary and preferred method is Australia Post business parcel standard service for all our consignments and in some parts of Australia we offer an Express Parcel service.

In the last 6 years we have used a number of couriers and the results have been with mixed success. Mostly, we see couriers failing when it comes to inner-city deliveries to multi-tenanted premises or businesses and this last mile failure has generally involved the delivery agent being unable to gain access or leave a parcel in a safe area. 

Couriers lack essential infrastructure for convenient pickups from a futile delivery attempt. There are many different solutions like leaving parcels at a nearby business such as a petrol station, chemist or other service.

Regrettably, we see high levels of incidents with couriers to residential deliveries. This is not good for our customers and it's certainly not good for us.

Nobody wants a delivery experience to fail.

For this reason, we will at various times remove the option to send via couriers and instead rely upon Australia Post as the largest shipping provider with the broadest range of services and reach across Australia.

Signature Required and Authority to Leave

All of our parcels have a Signature Required with provides us with a track & trace for security, unless you "untick" the check box in the Cart page to remove this important feature.

Signature when Required will mean your parcel is presented at the time of delivery and if you or someone at your premises is not present at that moment of delivery, your parcel may be returned to the local Post Office and you will need to arrange collection.

Kindly note, the practice of "carding" a futile delivery attempt is largely being phased out, so please do not rely upon the existence of a physical "card" in your letterbox informing you the parcel is waiting to be collected.

We live in a digital age and all the records of activity - including proactive notifications that the parcel is about to be delivered are all electronic. A full tracking history is available at Australia Post's website, or you can log into our Store to obtain your consignment details.

Please don't complain to us if AusPost or a Courier won't leave a card at your premises - we can't control or influence their actions.

If you collect the parcel from Australia Post or 3rd party Courier facility, the agency may ask you to identify yourself which is likely to involve appropriate ID verification. It's also important to ensure the addressee on the consignment is the same person collecting the parcel as the freight company may refuse to allow a surrogate to collect a parcel.Again, these are freight company rules, not ours.

In the case where Australia Post is delivering your parcel, Australia Post may contact you by SMS before the delivery occurs to ask you if Authority to Leave is possible for your premises. This communication is strictly between you and Australia Post.

When a parcel is instructed to leave without signature, please understand that the security of the parcel may be placed at risk. Signature required is a security feature protecting both us and you.

If your parcel is lost or stolen when Authority To Leave was selected by you in the cart, we are unable to replace or claim against this loss as the user/customer removed the essential security.

In this case, you must contact Australia Post directly and request a Proof of Delivery (POD) image. Australia Post will not share this image with us as a 3rd party due to Australia Post's privacy policy - the image was taken on private property and can only be shared with the recipient.

Safe Drop

From 1 April 2017, Australia Post changed their default option from Authority to Leave to Safe Drop.

All Australia Post delivery agents are trained in assessing whether a parcel is safe to be left at a premises.

Regardless of the request for "Authority To Leave" if the delivery agent determines that it's not safe to leave the parcel as it could be seen and taken, the parcel will not be left at the premises.

Examples we have seen where this caused a lot of anger and frustration with customers - a premises with large fences and locked gates - it was not possible to leave the parcel at the front of the boundary in public view.

Under some circumstances, delivery agents will not open gates or enter closed premises as there is a risk of pets bolting out from the property via the opened gate.

There are also issues with dogs and a delivery agent may decline entering a premises where it appears there is a risk of attack.

Customers need to be fair and reasonable here and accept that if you have fences, gates, dogs and other items that might be obstacles, then you face a high risk of the parcel being left at a depot or LPO for collection.

StarTrack parcels are set for Authority to Leave as we are charge a hefty fee if the delivery attempt is futile.

Tracking Notification

Most customers these days are familiar with the tracking notification emails and SMS messages.

These messages are sent to your registered email address at various stages throughout the transit commencing with the initial notification once the parcel has been collected from our premises (dispatched).

The tracking notifications are issued by freight providers - not us.

Once your order leaves our facility we also mark your order as Dispatched or Fulfilled and generate an email notification informing you the parcel is on it's way.

All tracking of your order is performed on the freight provider's systems - not ours.

On the day of delivery, the freight provider may send you a notification that the parcel is to be delivered today and another notification indicating the parcel is onboard with a driver. Again, these notifications are sent by the freight service provider, not us.

In some cases the delivery provider may ask if it's OK to leave the parcel or if someone will be available to receive the parcel.

Transit Times

Please understand, we cannot control or influence the performance of freight companies in relation to their transit time frames.

We also cannot give you delivery arrival indicators over the phone or email as the service is entirely out of our control.

All we can do is our absolute best in lodging your parcels fast, without delay.

Every merchant and every parcel in the network experiences an equal level of performance - there are no faster services unless you selected the Express option.

During holiday periods, all freight slows. This causes frustration with recipients.

Delays also occur in what is deemed as the "peak season" from late October through to the week before Xmas. There are too many parcels in networks, things take longer to arrive. Transit times may also slow in January as delivery company staff may be on leave.

We recommend you visit the freight provider's website to learn more about transit time frames.

It is not possible to lodge a Service Request with freight provider regarding a consignment yet to be delivered if it is still within their recommended delivery time frames.

Some freight companies may revise your estimated delivery time frame once your parcel is in transit and this often happens around the peak season, Easter, School holidays, etc. We are not able to help with adjusting those arrival delays.

Loss or damage in transit

Please be aware that parcels sent by Australia Post do not have transit insurance.

In the case of an Australian Post consignment, if your parcel is lost, stolen or damaged, we are unable to lodge a claim on our freight provider.

These are the terms and conditions of Australia Post eParcel Merchant Agreement.

If you are concerned about the risks associated with freight damage, you must contact us to arrange Transit Insurance prior to the parcel being sent from our Facility.

Once your order has left our premises, you cannot add insurance.

Insurance is $3.90 (incl.GST) per $100 of transit cover.

We are aware of Australia Post support centre staff incorrectly advising recipients to "go back to the sender and claim the refund". This is wrong and illegal as Australia Post support staff are able to view the parcel record in their system and see clearly it does not contain insurance.

AusPost Support Centre staff are setting the wrong expectation that a receiver is entitled to a claim or benefit when an incident occurs. This is not the case.

NO Australia Post Express Guarantees

IMPORTANT NOTE - Australia Post Express Parcels have no delivery time frame guarantees.

When Australia Post launched the Express Post service, it offered guarantee delivery time frames for many capital city destinations.

Originally, it was a letter and small documents based service that was expanded to satchels and parcels that were ordered over the counter at licensed Australia Post outlets.

The key point to understand here is that Australia Post Express Parcel guarantees are only available from the AusPost branded satchels, cartons, envelopes, etc. purchased over the counter at Australia Post retail outlets.

The delivery guarantees do not apply to merchants using Express Parcels - this is the same policy that affects all AusPost merchants.

It's a very important distinction as we continue to see customers demanding refunds for Express Parcels that did not arrive within expected time frames, e.g. next business day for capital cities.

Just to repeat - no refund is available for any Australia Post eParcel Express service that fails to arrive within a defined time frame. This guarantee is only available on items purchased over the counter at licensed AusPost outlets using AusPost branded merchandise.

We are aware of AusPost Support Centre agents incorrectly informing recipients of their refund entitlements - this is not available.