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A rare heirloom varietal with delicate fruit notes of red, blue and blackberries.
Intense sweetness, rich body with a long boozy finish.
It is absolutely delicious and our pick for lovers of black coffee.

Cup Attributes

Body : Full, syrupy, persistent

Aroma : Red fruits

Acidity : Medium to high, winey.

Flavor : Black tea, strawberry with a sweet and rich chocolate finish


Rare and exotic Ethiopian coffee

Ethiopia is known as the spiritual birthplace of coffee, and Harar is the region where it all started. Although technically it was Yemen, Ethiopia is where coffee gained traction.

Harar coffees are extremely difficult to source (read, almost impossible).

The volumes produced each year are small and, unfortunately, reducing as climate change impacts the growing conditions. Significant and persistent periods of drought severely hamper coffee farming.

Harar is a unique and magical coffee - complex, surprising and delightful.

At times, the coffee can be rustic, spicy and robust. Yet, in other moments, you can taste vibrant red and blue berries (that's what we aim for).

This lot we are offering in our store is hands-down the cleanest and sweetest we have seen in many years. That won't last forever.

It is a delicious coffee with flavours of strawberry, hints of blueberry, a syrupy body and fantastic richness.

About Our Harar coffee beans from Ethiopia

Our Ethiopian coffees are usually sourced in smaller quantities from multiple lots throughout a 6-month coffee crop cycle.

For Harar, in particular, there are times when this rare coffee is not available. Some harvests are lower in volume, or no crops or inferior quality.

When Harar meets our standard, we grab it. 

As we source many different lots throughout the year, each of those lots has its own distinct and unique characteristics. 

Harar is a Naturally processed coffee.

Harar is a delicate heirloom varietal. The yields are low compared to modern varietals in areas like Sidama and Irgacheffe.

As a naturally processed coffee, the coffee cherries have been dried in the sun over many days to increase sweetness, fruit complexity and rich body.

Natural processes coffees have a mottled appearance when roasted. 

A mottled appearance means many shades of brown and even lighter-shaded beans that are almost yellow, although those light-shaded beans are a minority.

The uneven appearance of naturally processed coffees is no cause for alarm - it's completely normal.

It's also why the cup is more complex, sweeter and diverse.

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Handy brew guide from Justfreshroasted to help you achieve the best tasting coffee
Brew recipes are a guide only

Espresso brew recipe

Espresso brew recipes assume professional or commercial equipment (machine in grinder) are used.

For domestic (consumer) grade, please ensure you adjust the suggested values accordingly.

Dose - 21 grams

Yield - 43 grams

Brew Time - 32 seconds

Ratio - 1 : 2

Tips - Firstly, this is a sun-dried, natural Ethiopian, so please use your experience to navigate the grinder setting and dose.
Naturally processed coffees tend to require a slightly coarser grind setting compared to washed coffees.
This Harar is relatively easy to dial in (compared to previous crops) so follow your instinct to adjust the grind and dose.
Lovely fruit and sweet citrus acidity mean you can run longer brew times for black drinkers.
In milk or dairy alternatives, try playing around with brew (or extraction) time to find your preferred taste profile.

At JustFreshRoasted coffee we roast the beans to a beautiful medium depth for maximum flavor, taste and enjoyment
How we roast your coffees

light, medium or dark

Each coffee in our store has a unique roast profile carefully engineered and continuously updated to achieve the best balance of flavor, body, complexity, acidity, sweetness and finish.

It's a never-ending process with new lots arriving almost weekly along with the constantly changing Melbourne weather conditions.

We don't use light, medium or dark as our guide. That's so outdated and quite frankly inaccurate with around 20 shades each of light, medium and dark.

The external or outside color is never a true indicator of a coffee's cup attributes (or performance).

In other words, coffee can appear dark outside but have under-developed internals (sour, flat, weak, thin, etc.) if it was roasted poorly.

Similarly, a light exterior can easily mask or hide internal scorching or invalid roasting profile.

The target for all of our coffees (excluding specific filter roast products that are intentionally roasted lighter) is medium.

Think cafe style and coffee that is best suitable for espresso or traditional brewing devices.

What's critically important to us is that we extract maximum goodness for you to enjoy.

After 20 years and hundreds of thousands of batches, we think our Tier 1 infrastructure, skills and experience surpass the market.

JustFreshRoasted helps explain how ground coffees go stale faster than whole beans and why grinding the coffee just before using is always the best.
did you know about

Ground coffee

Ground coffee will lose around 80% of essential vitality after 15 minutes oxygen exposure. Even ground coffee inside of a sealed, unopened bag will stale considerably within 2 weeks.

Some brewing applications, such as espresso, require roasted coffee in peak freshness to produce a delicious extraction. Other brew methods are less sensitive to the impact of staling coffee.

To ensure freshness, we never hold, store or manufacture any ground coffees. All our coffees are packed as whole beans within 1hr of roasting to lock in freshness.

When a customer orders ground coffee, we take fresh roasted beans, cut the seal, grind, clean and re-seal within 60 seconds. All at the moment your order is packed for dispatch.

We recommend for the best coffee experience to consider purchasing whole beans and grind only enough to brew just moments beforehand.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Based on 39 reviews
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39 reviews
  • MT
    Malcolm T.
    Verified Buyer
    I recommend this product
    Rated 5 out of 5 stars

    Espresso via manual lever machine. Water @93C.

    Ooh, dark but sweet molasses to start then into spice. A pleasant nuance of acidity to usher in a bold finish, but minus any harsh bitterness. Complex. Very enjoyable. Get some before its gone.

  • JD
    john d.
    Verified Buyer
    I recommend this product
    Rated 5 out of 5 stars
    title ???

    Close to the very best

  • GS
    Gertie S.
    Flag of Australia
    Verified Buyer
    I recommend this product
    Rated 5 out of 5 stars
    A high quality product that also shipped fast.

    Really nice coffee. Thanks for the fast delivery and good quality.

  • DC
    David C.
    Verified Buyer
    I recommend this product
    Rated 5 out of 5 stars

    Very good coffee

  • BG
    Bob G.
    Flag of Australia
    Verified Buyer
    I recommend this product
    Rated 5 out of 5 stars
    Pleases both black and milk drinkers.

    Wife likes it in milk, I drink it black. So hard to find a coffee that pleases us both. This is it.

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