When it comes to the coffee industry, talk is cheap.

Anyone can make outrageous statements about sourcing and buying the finest quality coffees worldwide.

Nobody is checking or holding them to account.

We live in a modern era where fake news, lies, and deception have become a daily part of society and are rarely rebuked or punished.

Unfortunately, the coffee industry is not immune from excessive hype.

Some coffee brands can be loose with the truth, especially around the freshness of their products or the inherent qualities.

It all stems from excessive competition in our local Australian coffee market. 

When there is plenty of competition, it creates a push by brands to establish their critical points of difference within a crowded, saturated industry, even if those points don't exist.

Our Culture Around Coffee Roasting

The brand JustFreshRoasted doesn't rely on marketing gimmicks or overblown statements.

Instead, we come from a long and successful history of quality product engineering.

We ensure that our promise matches the quality of our coffee.  

To do this, we combine science, facts, structured analysis, precision and utilizing the best roasting equipment available. 

But it also takes more than the best equipment, and this is where our expert skills acquired from 40 years of working with coffee come to bear. 

With JustFreshRoasted, there are no smoke, mirrors, or over-the-top promises. 

For us, there is no greater reward than product excellence. Selling targets, sales volumes, and growth ratios mean nothing to us. Roasting the best coffee beans for appreciative clients should take care of the rest.

Our most incredible pride and achievement is producing better coffees than what's generally available in the market.

We don't court fame, riches or glory.

It may surprise you that we have won 40+ coffee roasting medals in competitions over the last decade, but we choose to keep that low down, including the famed Gold Bean Awards.

We stopped competing in 2016, having more than proved ourselves time and again in the modern era of coffee roasting competitions.

Today's coffee awards are diluted with five competitions and 300+ medals handed out, just like the wine industry, yet barely 10% of the coffee industry participates. Pay-to-play.

You won't see us beating our chests, proclaiming "award-winning coffees," or using images of medals to impress you with credentials. That's for the insecure attention seekers.

For us, we keep it simple.

Create the best coffee product using ingredients, process, freshness, value for money and service.

Selling Coffee Beans Online

It's always challenging to achieve all these goals simultaneously, but it's what we have been perfecting for more than 15 years. We have plenty of practice and experience. Far more than all of our competitors.

In 15 years of roasting coffee, we have developed significant intellectual property associated with supply chains and sourcing our ingredients. 

It forms a central element of our R&D program, testing, and analysis.

One of our key advantages is managing coffee assets with exceptional care. Amazingly, few of our competitors can match our control programs. We are on the extreme edge of care, which shows in our offers' inherent quality and value.

We continue to invest significantly in plants and systems critical to maintaining quality and consistency.

Coffee roasting is no longer about some romantic artisan flair. Those days are long gone.

Roasting coffee is about computers that monitor roast cycles and having the discipline and processes to enable products to improve constantly.

Coffee roasting has never been about freaky talent or possessing a 6th sense. 

Roasting good coffee is based upon solid foundations of experience, structured processes and the appropriate levels of investment.

You could say that roasting coffee might be like playing skill-based elite sports such as golf or tennis.

There are no shortcuts, no fast-tracking, no hacks or cheat sheets—only the hard, enduring slog of practice and experience from doing it thousands and thousands of times.

Everything we do at JustFreshRoasted operates within a closed loop of testing, analysis, feedback, checking, and optimizing.

The work of change and improvement never stops with coffee. It's constantly throwing us challenges because of the high variability of raw ingredients.

Every week, we receive new coffees, which present subtle or significant differences each time. Our quest is to find the optimal way to manage this change event.

When we source coffee, each bean or blend requires careful analysis of the raw coffee attributes - moisture, density and screen size.

These metrics are measured immediately after the raw coffee arrives in our warehouse and compared against our quality standards.

Our lab equipment is a scaled-down, smaller version of our production-grade system. Complete with identical controls and monitoring.

It enables us to perform accurate roasts to measure a raw coffee's response to typical production roasting profiles.

Our lab strategy provides us with a key differentiator from the rest of the industry, relying upon basic cupping procedures from small sample roasters often provided by external vendors without understanding the roast profile parameters.

Our critical lab roasting analysis determines the best-suited profile for any new raw/green coffee beans.

Every testing batch undergoes a unique roasting method or profile. 

All test batches will receive unique codes that don't reveal the coffee's identity. 

After a controlled rest period of degassing, test samples are blind-tasted by staff who are not told anything about coffees or roast profiles.

This blind approach provides a distinctly objective level of unbiased review and enables us to arrive at the best target profile in preparing new coffees for production.

When you buy coffee beans online from us, this is the level of passion you are dealing with. It's our life, our love and what we do all day.