During 2022 we completed a major project to update our website.
The new platform allows us to offer many additional features to our customers for ordering delicious, fresh roasted coffees. This includes coffee subscriptions!
coffee subscription australia
One of the new features enables customers to order via flexible coffee subscription services.  You can automatically generate a recurring order with either your favorite single origin coffee beans, blends, decaf or more.
Subscriptions offer useful convenience to save customers from having to login and order every few weeks or monthly. It couldn't be easier. You can also pause it if you go away for a while, or start to have too much.
Once setup, the RecurPay Subscription app automatically creates your selected coffees into a new order at the date you schedule. You can choose from either fortnightly, monthly or when you re-schedule to a specific date (bring forward or delay).

How To Choose Coffee Subscription Options

It is really simple.
When making your next order, at the point where you normally add the product to a shopping cart, you will now see two(2) choices.
One-time purchase (normal with no recurring subscription), or
Subscribe Now and Save (an extra option with drop-down choices to select orders to be sent out either fortnight or monthly).
Our coffee subscription offer is available for single origin coffee beans, you can make a coffee capsule subscription, or get your favorite blends or decaf coffee delivered fortnightly or monthly to suit your usage.

Managing Your Coffee Subscription

The Recurpay app enables customers to manage their subscriptions without needing to contact us for changes. Recurpay is a separate web-based app that provides features for subscribers to easily pause or cancel a subscription plan.  Adding or removing products on the subscription is simple too.
The only lock-in commitment is that customers must receive the first two orders. After those initial two orders are completed you have complete freedom to cancel your recurring subscription.
Between the mandatory first and second orders, you can change the delivery date of the second order if you like as well.
Let’s say you set up an organic coffee capsule subscription. After a few months, if you notice a stockpile of capsules building up in your kitchen, just pause the subscription and restart it again with your next order.
For those that like to vary the coffee they receive, you could also choose the coffee of the month option. You can have our monthly feature coffee roasted and delivered directly to your door without having to wait for the release each month to make separate orders.
We know our coffee is fantastic value for the quality we provide. The consistency of our roasting process means you can be sure of getting the same perfect cup of coffee that you like every day.
If you have any questions about the coffee subscription service we have set up, then just get in contact with us today.

Accessing The Online Coffee Bean Subscription App

Please firstly log into JustFreshRoasted.com.au system normally.
Under your My Account page, in the Top Right corner under Account Details you will see a Subscriptions label with a button underneath. Click this and it loads the RecurPay customer portal app where you can make changes.
Here is a link to a short video of the basic features you can change in a subscription.
We hope everyone enjoys the convenience of our online coffee bean subscription service. We think it is great value and super easy to manage.
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